Monday, May 23, 2016

High Nitrates Level Fruits

Some fruits have a high level of nitrate, and it is quite important to know before you eat it. Fruits that are naturally rich in nitrates can provide a variety of health benefits, but some nitrate is converted to nitrite in your body, which can form nitrosamines and cause negative effects. However, vitamin C naturally inhibits the conversion to nitrosamines, which is why fresh fruits and vegetables high in nitrates cause far fewer problems than meats artificially high in nitrates.

Fruits High in Nitrates

In general, levels of nitrates are lower in fruits compared to vegetables, especially root vegetables, because of the distance most fruit is from the ground. In other words, the farther the fruit is away from the nitrate-rich soil, the lower the concentration of nitrate in its flesh and seeds. According to a Polish study published in a 1994 edition of “Roczniki Panstwowego Zaklapu Higieny,” the fruit with the highest nitrate content is strawberries, followed by currents, gooseberries, raspberries and cherries Apples were found to have only trace amounts of nitrates.

Nitrate is converted to nitrite in your body almost immediately by bacteria on your tongue. As long as the nitrite is not converted to large amounts of harmful nitrosamines in your stomach, nitrite eventually becomes nitric oxide in your blood, which can relax your blood vessels. According to “Functional Biochemistry in Health and Disease,” studies done on nitrate-rich vegetables such as lettuce and beets have found that when nitric oxide is highest in the bloodstream, blood pressure is at its lowest. In addition to relaxing or vasodilating blood vessels, nitric oxide also displays anti-platelet properties, which helps to prevent inappropriate blood clotting. However, because the by-products of nitrates affect blood flow and pressure, they can also trigger migraine headaches in some people. Consult with your doctor if you suffer from migraines and ask about the connection to nitrate-rich foods.

Greentest - Fruit and Vegetable Nitrate Tester

 As above, it is essential to detect the level of nitrate inside the fruits before eating. Greentest is a portable nitrate tester to help you check it.

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