Sunday, May 15, 2016

The reason of why we’re creativity Greentest

At present, the fruits and vegetables, it was a very important for human consumption, some parts of the fruits and vegetables are looks almost same, however, the internal content have a big difference. For example, the nitrate content of this tomato was multi-higher than another one. The Nitrate, it was naturally in fruits and vegetables, even now, there were more nitrate was content in the fruits and vegetables, how did this happen?

the nitrate content of fruits and vegetables
         The most promoting effect to the photosynthesis in the growth of fruit and vegetable is the chemical technology production, nitrogen fertilizer is mainly used; According to the data shows that the fertilizer amount as we used today almost 20 times of what used 50 years ago. The China as the fastest growing country in the world we’ve the largest number of population in the world. Now China's population has reached 1.36 billion, the consumption of food on each day was staggering(as such a large amount of people). According to our diet habit, the vegetables and fruit occupies more than 50% which makes the farm have to provide enough food to ensure the needs of people every day.  

         Under the influence of chemical technology and modern industrial mode, the output of crops and fruit trees increased exponentially, and the amount of fertilizer used, which resulted in the increase of nitrate content by more than 10 times, and its retaining, causing excessive pollution of vegetables, fruits, soil, and water. Over intake of nitrate can cause very big health problems, such as blue baby syndrome, High iron hemoglobin, oral cancer, esophageal cancer, gastric cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease.

         International. "Greentest" products is quietly going into the basket of the global housewife. It is made y the world's top R & D team using high end particle quantum detection technology, and the high-end technology of WONDERFUL PCB (HK) LIMITED in China. It has earned a good market in the international market. Now, this technological product has come to China, translated as "green food treasure", and it can quickly and accurately detect nitrate contents of the fruits and vegetables and inform people the safety of the fruits and vegetables.

         High-tech products, Greentest from WONDERFUL PCB (HK) LIMITED China, from its company philosophy, life as a source, people-oriented business, to continue creating for the human health. Thanks~

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