Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Nine benefits of eating fish

Recently, the United States, "Huffington post" gives a nine reason to immediately eat fish, and recommended to eat one or two times a week better.

Protect eyesight 

Central retinal degeneration is a common cause of the decrease of visual acuity in the elderly. The large French study found that fish is rich in Omega - 3 fatty acids can be reduced the risk of macular degeneration of the eye caused due to aging.

Reduce the risk of heart disease

In the United States, heart disease is still lead to deaths in adults is the primary cause of. However, Harvard University School of public health, the observation that, every week through eating about 2 grams once or twice fish intake of Omega - 3 fatty acids, the cardiogenic sudden death risk reduced 36%, and my reduce the 17% of death.

Boost brainpower

"if it is going to be facing an important task or test, it is recommended that you eat more fish. A published research in the United States < Public Library of Science Comprehensive > magazine pointed out that will be rich in Omega - 3 fatty acids in fish oil as a dietary supplement to a group of 18-25 year olds. After six months, their brains has been steadily improving. The reason, the researchers believe that omega - 3 fatty acids can affect memory storage function.

Prevention of rheumatoid arthritis

Sweden rolinska card Medical College for 3.2 million women study shows, daily intake of 210 mg Omega - 3 fatty acid, quite a week to eat a fatty fish or four, lean meat, fish, can make of rheumatoid arthritis associated with reduced risk of 52%.

Promote development

Rich in Omega - 3 fatty acids from the diet of pregnant women is particularly important, can promote the fetal brain and nervous system development. In 2007, the findings published in the British Medical Journal "Lancet >, and weekly consumption of 3 to 4 copies, including fish, seafood (about 340 grams) can be significantly increased after the birth of the baby's intelligence level, language expression ability and athletic ability.

To extend the life

After 16 years to observe the new study found, eating fish can indeed help people live longer. The researchers found, fish intake of beneficial fatty acids can reduce mortality by 27%, adhere to eat the fish will than people who do not eat more to live for two years.

Prevention of asthma

in children period eat more fish can be effective in preventing asthma. Dutch a for 7210 children study show that children in 6-12 months began to eat the fish, to 4 years old, suffering from asthma risk can be reduced by 36%. The researchers concluded, which may and eat more fish of anti-inflammatory.

Protect the skin 

Fish oil on the skin have many advantages, can regulate sebum secretion, help moisturizing. In addition, studies have shown that eating more fish can protect skin from UV damage, to protect the skin collagen, so as to prevent skin relaxation, wrinkles or sagging.

Increase the numbers of sperm

Eating habits to get pregnant friends is very important. Massachusetts General Hospital Maternity Center found, like to eat salmon, herring and tuna males, sperm count than other people more than 34%.

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