Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Removal of carcinogens in vegetables - nitrite

Many experts warn that nitrite in vegetables is  an ingredient in greater damage than the pesticides. Due to excessive application of nitrogen fertilizer, the content of nitrate in vegetables is often high and converted into nitrite, may and protein decomposition product synthesis of nitrosamine, become the hidden danger induced gastric cancers. Survey found, our diet in about 80% of nitrite from vegetable.

But, how can we stay away from the nitrite in the vegetables? Look at the results of these studies.

Don't soak when you wash the vegetables

Many people buy vegetables, because they worry about the surface of pesticides, like to put in water or salt water soak for 20 minutes and a half hour or so.

The latest domestic research give us explain the answer: and rinsing vegetables compared, bubble vegetables will increase nitrite in vegetables, which is detrimental to the food safety. China Agricultural University, a graduate research found, saline bubble is Remaliah detergent then use tap water rinse to remove pesticide effect is better.

Studies have shown that washed with detergent, then rinse clean, the content of nitrite in vegetables is lower than that of the samples with water and soak for 20 minutes. The study considered, possibly because the soaking is an anaerobic state, to improve the activity of nitrate reductase, reduce nitrite reductase activity, so as to improve the content of nitrite in vegetables. Long time of soaking may also make the blade is damaged, to increase the loss of nutrients.

Another way is to test the nitrate level with Greentest nitrate tester before buying vegetables, this can help you reduce the intake of nitate to your body, espercially for little baby.

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