Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Detection of Pesticide Residues in Vegetables and Fruits

These days, Agricultural Bureau of district agricultural products quality and safety monitoring and testing center of the staff, the region's flourishing to sell fruits and vegetables of pesticide residue detection.

They tested the mushroom, cucumber, eggplant and other tested Sauteed Green Beans, pesticide residue. At the same time, law enforcement officers also base production records of the record, the use of pesticides and so on were examined, and the requirements of the production base of strict production technical specifications, the implementation of the use of the ban on the use of pesticides, safety intervals and other systems.

It is understood, to protect the masses of food safety, in recent years, District Agriculture Bureau for different seasonal node, key species, key parts actively increase agricultural products monitoring efforts, regularly on all kinds of vegetables, fruit and planting base, enterprise site sampling, source supervision, high standards and do a good job working for testing the quality and safety of agricultural products, timely early warning and forecast of agricultural products security situation to ensure all the people of the region to eat to assure the safety of agricultural products.

To ensure that all the people can eat healthy products

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